Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Comparing my old blog posts to now

So today I want to compare my other blog posts very recently though I think the stranded has gone down. So I will take some of my better blog posts. and compare them to my first ever blog post. So below is my very first blog post ever. Already I can see some falts, The sentences really just didn't stop but there were a fair bit of comas, but as I said there are only 2 sentences.

So above here we have probably my best post on the production. One of the main resents I think this post was good because I really engorged what I was blogging about and the fact that I got into the main cast in the production. But in everything theirs always things you need to improve on for example here I needed to add some more photos and work on the pargraphs counting a bit better and the small thingws


 This is the art I did for art/science mash up. The science I'm showing is how haasts eagle is really big so it could pick up babes children and other things that were small enough. I'll post anoter post

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Math project

Me and Harry have started a project on maths we are learning about deterrent directions.  me and Harry making a movie to show our  when we have finished I will put the video here. Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Science Project

I'm doing this project on science. I'm doing it on plants and some of my questions are like. How do plants in deserts survive? And How do plants in rain forests not drown in water? So far I think it's going well when I finish it ill copy it onto this blog post please enjoy. This is what I have done so far I will constantly update it. Hope you enjoy!


How have plants in rain forests evolved to not get drowned by the water?

Some plants reach really high to help them reach the sun in forests with higher plants. In Warmer conditions plants make their bark thicker to limit water evaporation. Some plants in the rainforests have made sort of cup things to hold the water in so it doesn't fall onto the ground and get absorbed by the roots. When it is dryer it lets the water go slowly bit by bit.

How have desert plants evolved to not die with lack of water?

In warmer conditions plants make their bark thicker to limit water evaporation. Plants in desert sore the little water they get in their fleshy leaves. They also absorb the water they get very quickly otherwise it gets sucked up by the ground so they to be able to such lots of water very quickly. There roots only do about 10CM down and as tall as the plant is across.

Why do some plants survive in high altitude areas and some don’t.

The tree line in new Zealand  is at 1,500M. The tree line is how high up the trees go till there aren’t any because they can’t stand the conditions. The closer to the equator the higher the tree line is. If you try and grow garden plants on mountains you have to be an expert gardener and pay close attention to the weather.

How tall is the tallest tree in the world how thick is the thickest tree in the world and the biggest.

Redwoods are the tallest trees in the world they can easily reach heights of 91 Meters and the tallest tree in the world is 115.7 meters high.

The thickest tree in the world is a giant sequoia the thickest one is 83.8 Meters tall and 33 meters wide and the first branch is 40 meters high so also the BIGGEST tree in the worl

Hope you enjoyed! More come it may seam unfinished sometimes that's because it will be sometimes Thanks :D


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Top Team

On the second day of school in the last term of the 2016 the whole senor syndicate is doing something called Top Team. We got put into groups of different classes throughout the syndicate and do heaps of random challenges against other groups. Some involved water some didn't. Of course the best ones involved water.
Our first one was most peoples favorite one. It was called ........... Holding the suspense...........Obstacle course. It was soooooooooooo fuuuuuunnnnnnn. There was a track covered in soapy water you had to slide under a net and scramble over a big lump because you couldn't stand up because it was covered in soapy water and you defiantly couldn't walk up there. Then you stood up and and run because it wasn't as slippery then get ready to crawl under a pole but then suddenly the slippery water kicked in a again causing you to slide under the pole like James bond in his latest movie being a absolute boss sliding under that pole like your never going to slide again. Then you had to slip and slide on to the grass where you had to run though some tyers and slam dunk a football into a basket ball hoop and then sprint along the side back to